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Johnson County teenager catches burglar at her home

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Johnson County Sheriff's Deputies are crediting a teenager with keeping her cool and putting a burglar behind bars.

Sixteen-year-old, Adriana Kretzer, went to her home in J.C Estates around 10 o'clock Friday morning to pickup a paper for school.

Kretzer says, "I heard leaves crunching like somebody walking and I thought maybe it was the neighbors dog, I kept listening and it definitely wasn't the neighbors dog. So I kind of looked over my car and saw someone standing right there and we made eye contact."

Deputy Tim Clark says, "She acted like she didn't even see him, played it cool, backed out of the driveway and went to the neighbors."

Adriana Kretzer then called 911 telling officials a man wearing a ski mask was in her home...she then watched from her neighbors porch until deputies arrived.

"When we got there they started yelling that they could hear somebody running and leaves crunching behind the house breaking the trees and stuff," says Deputy Clark.

Deputies were able to catch up with, Kyle Kretzer, behind the home and recovered a pistol they say he tossed in his attempt to get away.

"There was a round in the chamber, it was loaded but it was essentially hung up. That gun was identified by the homeowner, the caller, and the neighbor."

Dave Kretzer says Friday is not the first time someone has broken into his home.

Four break-ins total, the Kretzers say they knew the burglar had to be someone they know.

"They'd pick a time the knew we weren't here, know when I'm on dialysis and the neighbors are at work...a time when no one was here, little did they know she was going to walk in. She's a pretty cool little 16-year-old," explains Dave Kretzer.

Getting away with medicine or cash, and this time the gun.

Kretzer says, "They took 400 dollars when they were here on Monday, that we had made and saved up for her Christmas present."

Now with the accused burglar behind bars, the Kretzers hope the break-ins will stop.

Kretzer is charged with first degree burglary and is being held in the Big Sandy Detention Center.

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