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UPDATE: Johnson County woman charged with animal cruelty


A Johnson County woman is facing animal cruelty charges after Sheriff's deputies found several dogs inside her home without electricity or running water but Kimberly Blanton says she was trying to protect her animals by having them indoors.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office received a call on Thursday about a home on Route 1559 in the Stambaugh area that did not have any electricity or running water, the caller also noted that there were several dogs inside the home.

Deputy David Pridemore says when he arrived at the residence he found the dogs in deplorable conditions with no food or water. "They were locked inside the house, no electric, no running water, windows closed, doors closed. It was hot that day, the heat index was up over 99. Large adult dogs were inside and two adult dogs were outside the residence on the front porch with seven puppies," explains Pridemore.

Officials say there was a total of 13 animals with six adult dogs and seven puppies. All but three of the animals were seized.

Kimberly Blanton was charged with second-degree animal cruelty.

Deputy Pridemore says, "This is probably the worst case of animal cruelty I have seen. The dogs appear to be malnourished, two of them appear to have what looks like mange...which a vet is going to look at them and give them a thorough evaluation."

While deputies say this is one of the worst animal cruelty cases they have seen, Blanton says she would never abuse or neglect any of her animals

Blanton says, "Animal cruelty? No! My dogs are spoiled, they have their own futon to sleep on, they have their own blankets and pillows, they get McDonalds three times a week. No, my dogs are not mistreated, or abused in anyway shape or form. My dogs mean the world to me."

Blanton says she is having financial problems which is why her electric and water are currently off.

"Up until two weeks ago I was here everyday. I live here, this is my home. I stay with my dogs. I had a friend who was moving so I helped them and stayed with them but I was over here everyday to feed and water them," explains Blanton.

Blanton says she was trying to protect her dogs by keeping them indoors, "I can't have them running loose, this is a busy road out here."

She says it is because of that decision her dogs are now being kept in the Floyd County Garage. "Right now I just don't know what to do, but when it comes to taking my dogs, I can't have that! I will do whatever it takes to keep my dogs."

Officials say once the electricity is turned back on at Blanton's home...she can get her dogs back.

Blanton is scheduled to appear before a judge in Johnson County District Court on August 19th.


One woman in Johnson County is being charged with cruelty to animals after 13 dogs were taken from her home.

The sheriff's office received a call of dogs locked in a home without food or water on Thursday.

An animal protection officer went to Kimberly Blanton's home in the Stambaugh community, where he found four dogs in the house.

Two other dogs and seven puppies were on the front porch.

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