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Puppies found in dumpster outside of Paintsville business

PAINTSVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - A disturbing discovery in a Johnson County dumpster. Thrown away like trash, that is how an employee at Tractor Supply says she found a couple of puppies. The young dogs were rescued just before the dumpster they were found in was scheduled to be emptied.

Ashley Parsons works in receiving at the Paintsville store. "To start my day running trucks, that's the hardest thing I expect...not to find animals in my dumpster," she explains.

However, that is exactly what happened to Parsons around seven o'clock Monday morning, when she came outside to help with a delivery truck and the driver noticed something was not right.

Parsons says, "He looked at me and said, do you know you've got puppies in your dumpster? I thought he was joking and I said, do I know I have what in my where?"

She then looked inside the dumpster, scheduled to be emptied later that day, and saw two puppies. Parsons says they were hiding under boxes and plastic...thrown away like trash.

"I didn't know whether to cry or yell and scream and say, who does this? I mean everything was running through my mind...look at these little fellas, two little innocent puppies," says Parsons.

She immediately contacted Dumas Rescue.

Rescue volunteer, Anna Wells says, "They both have toxidia, they are underweight, under socialized, and they both had lots of ticks in their ears."

The young dogs, believed to be about 4-months-old, have since had those ticks removed. They have also been checked and vaccinated by a veterinarian.

Wells says, "They're just like any other puppy, they will be just fine."

Good news for the dogs, but still is a situation that does not sit well with many.

"There are other resources than dumping your dogs, contact your local animal rescues, local shelters, or a veterinarian's office," says Wells.

That is why the Johnson County Sheriff's Office is actively investigating.

"We'd love to prove who did this because it is totally unnecessary this day in age to do an animal that way. If we can get some video and identify that individual or individuals that did it, we are going to file charges on them," says Sheriff Dwayne Price.

Working to heal and protect their community's four legged friends.

Rescuers say the dogs are a doxy-beagle mix and will soon be available for adoption.

For information on the dogs and how to contact Dumas Rescue, visit the link listed above.

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