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Eastern Kentucky Pastor Heading to Haiti

By: MacKenzie Bates Email
By: MacKenzie Bates Email

The devastation in Haiti is not stopping one local pastor from heading down there to help with rescue efforts.

Bolin originally planned a mission trip to Haiti, but he says it's now going to be a rescue mission.

Ken Bolin was shocked to hear about the destruction in Haiti.

He was already planning a mission trip to the area, but will now help bring supplies and other items to earthquake victims.

“They’ll need food, they'll need fuel to cook food with, and they’ll need clothing, medical nurses, and doctors,” Bolin says.

Another local pastor, who's been to Haiti, says this could be one of the worst disasters in modern history.

“There could be as many as many thousands dead, if not millions,” Steve May, Pastor of Big Creek Baptist Church says.

And that has Bolin fearing the worst.

“We don't even know if a lot of the people we work with are even alive because the folks we work with are right in Port Au Prince,” Bolin says.

The town of Port Au Prince was built to hold about 50,000 people, but more than 1,000,000 live inside the city.

“That's like putting everybody in the city of Lexington, which is about 250-thousand people putting that many people inside the city of Manchester,” Bolin says.

“As closely populated and tightly populated as it is, it's conceivable that there could be a million people injured or dead,” May says.

May says he does not think Bolin may recognize the city he's about to visit.

“This is as devastating to that country I would think as the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki it's leaving it that unrecognizable,” May says.

And Bolin says he's anxious to help the people of Haiti as soon as he can.

If you would like to donate to help the victims in Haiti, make your checks out to:

Manchester Baptist Church
310 Main St
Manchester, KY 40962

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