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When: April 3 & 24, 2010
Where: Lexington Civic Center, West Parking Lot
What Time: 10:00am – 8:00pm
How Much: $60 per team of 3 to 5 individuals
Bill Cloyd

"What Is It?

Mechanalia is an interactive game in which teams of three to five people drive electric robotic rovers and operate robotic arms to vie for prizes. Each team is equipped with a rover that accommodates 2 players. Mounted on the front of each rover is a robotic arm that is operated from the passenger seat. This arm is capable of picking up various objects from the ground and stands or tables. The other members of each team reside in fortified base stations that are equipped with tennis ball cannons mounted in turrets on top of the base stations.

To play, the rovers race around obstacles in a football field sized arena and try to score points by retrieving objects with the robotic arms. To complicate matters, there is a target on the top of each rover that, when hit by tennis balls fired from the cannons, shuts that rover down for 30 seconds. To further complicate matters, there is another obstacle in the arena called the POD, an 18 foot tall, double barrel tennis ball machine gun that shoots at everything that moves in the arena. The team that scores the most points by collecting the most objects wins. Thirty minute elimination rounds are played and the top three scoring teams play in the final that determines the overall winner."
Source; http://in2lex.com/events/mechanalia/

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