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Family attacked at Lexington park

By: Gabriel Roxas Email
By: Gabriel Roxas Email

They were just out enjoying a family trip to the park when they became the victims of an attack. It happened at Kirklevington Park in Lexington Tuesday night. Now police are still looking for four, young men who attacked a mother, father, and their young son.

It's one thing when a child comes home from the playground beaten up, and the parents wish they could have been there to protect him. In this case, the parents were there and may have taken an even worse beating than their son.

When their 15-year-old son told them some older teenagers at the park were giving him a hard time, Misty and Keith Morris offered to go back with him, so he would feel safe. "He has a right to be at a park just as much as anybody else, so we thought maybe just the presence of adults there might just deter anything that could have happened. I guess it didn't. It didn't make a difference at all," Misty Morris said.

"If we're all there, it'll be fine. Any other time there's been anything going on with the kids, if I showed up, it just kind of straightened itself out because there's an adult present," Keith Morris said.

But it didn't take long before the same four teens started bothering the boy again, threatening to take his iPod and worse. When the parents approached, one of the teens swung at Keith Morris, and Misty called 911. "I was smacked in the face, and the phone was knocked out of my hand," misty said, "I picked the phone up, called back 911, told them that we needed an officer here immediately. We are being attacked, physically being attacked."

"I was hit several times in the back of the head and on the back and spent most of my time trying to get the guys off of my son," Keith said, "As soon as they were able to knock him to the ground, they began kicking him and pounding on him and just stomping, I mean just senseless."

Keith says eventually the teens ran off. He's confident his son will recover from the bruises and bumps, but he worries about what more he and his wife can do. "I can't keep my kid in the house. I don't want to do that to him. He needs to be able to have a life and run around, but at the same time, I'm very concerned at what might happen to him," Keith said.

Nonetheless, the family isn't letting the experience ruin their lives. "This is a random thing," Misty said, "I've never experienced anything like this before, and it's not going to scare me from going to the park."

Misty Morris had to get seven stitches on her lip, and all three members of the family are recovering from bruises. They say they're doing alright, and as far as their son goes, they say he came to the park to ride his skateboard, and as a skateboarder, a few bruises won't keep him down.

Lexington police are looking for four male African-American teenagers, described as about 5'10" to 6'1," 160 to 180 pounds with muscular builds.

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