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Woman says she fell victim to bogus buyer scam

By: Gabriel Roxas Email
By: Gabriel Roxas Email

A crime alert involving fake money for valuable items.

A Lexington woman who had recently lost her job sold her iPad for some much-needed cash. She used Craigslist and ended up meeting a buyer, but the money he used to buy the item was bogus.

Heather Sharp didn't want her face to appear on camera, but she did want to share her story in the hopes that others can avoid her same experience. "I'm a single mom, and I lost my job, and as of last week, the unemployment ran out, so I looked around the house trying to find anything I could to help pay the mortgage," Sharp said.

Sharp had sold other belongings on Craigslist plenty of times without any problems, and even though she had just bought her iPad and spent more money adding apps she used for school, she needed the money. "That was the one thing I loved more than anything, but I knew it would bring the money in," Sharp said.

It didn't take long to find a buyer. A man contacted Heather and negotiated a price. The man asked Heather to meet him at a Taco Bell, so she brought the iPad, but as soon as the man showed up, she sensed something was wrong. "It was like threw the money, snatched the iPad, jumped in the car, and then he took off, and I'm sitting there like, what just happened?" Sharp said. "I was so freaked out by what happened, I picked up all the money, took it in to Taco Bell, and had them check it with the counterfeit pen, and they were all fake fifties and some twenties that were fake."

Police say Heather's case is not an isolated one. They say they're seeing more thieves use counterfeit money for Craigslist transactions, and sellers need to be careful. Heather says she doesn't blame Craigslist, but she urges others to trust their gut. "Go with your instinct. I had a feeling in my stomach that something was wrong, and I didn't go with it, and thats what happened," Sharp said.

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