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Manholes pose problems, under repair

They're a nuisance on the road and a danger to your car, and the city is finally fixing them. Lexington's Streets and Roads crew will spend the summer making manholes flush with the roads around town.

They're bumps in the road. You'll find them all over Lexington, they're manholes that are not quite right.

"They may be depressed, they may be sitting at an angle," explains Streets and Roads director Sam Williams, "what we do with this procedure is to actually make them flush with the surrounding pavement."

Williams says his crews fix eight to ten a day. In the span of the summer, that's about a thousand.

"It makes our streets smoother, and it also eliminates some of the inflow into our sanitary system."

The manholes get out of line with roads after years of wear, and when construction crews have to repave streets.

"Just even a little pot hole or man hole cover can knock the alignment out of the vehicle," notes auto expert Tim Morris, who helps run Car Masters on Nicholasville Centre Drive in Lexington. There an alignment will run you about $70, but hit a manhole hard enough, and you'll be paying much more than that.

"There's so many components on a car that can be affected by that. So you can go anywhere from $70 to $300, $400, $500 and up," says Morris.

City crews will be working all summer long.

Each manhole repair is expected to last at least 15 to 20 years.

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