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Shooter takes aim at SUV on busy New Circle Road

By: Gabriel Roxas Email
By: Gabriel Roxas Email

A frightening scene played out during rush hour traffic at one of Lexington's busiest intersections. Police say someone fired shots into an SUV within sight of many drivers and a car dealership.

The shots rang out at New Circle and Young Drive late Tuesday afternoon. By Tuesday night police still hadn't found the suspects.

Employees at the Quantrell dealership on New Circle Road were outside on the lot, when they saw a gold, Ford Taurus pull up behind a black SUV stopped at the intersection of Young Drive and New Circle. That's when Terry Call says a gunman got out of the Taurus. "The shooter got out of the backseat," Call said, "ran around to the side of the car, point blank fired into the passenger side six bullets."

Donny Harper was even closer to the vehicles when he says a second man got out of the same Taurus. "There was another guy with a ball bat busting out the back windshield of the black SUV," Harper said.

Witnesses watched as the action unfolded in broad daylight surrounded by rush hour traffic. "He stands to the side like this," Call demonstrated making a gun gesture, "reaches his hand around into the passenger side, and shoots the rounds off, and then takes back off toward the car. It happened just split second. I mean it wasn't ten seconds they were here."

Call says the SUV turned right onto New Circle and took off, but the Taurus was a little slower to leave the scene. Witnesses say when the Taurus did finally turn onto New Circle, it stopped briefly at the red light on Palumbo long enough for an onlooker to take photos of it. "Was there a few seconds," Harper said, "and then I guess they realized somebody was looking or whatever, and they go whip right around the vehicles in front of them, and they shoot on, and that was the last we seen them."

Once they were gone Call took a closer look near the intersection where he found shell casings that he gave to police. "I found one slug out of one shell was laying on the ground, which was probably the first one he fired, which probably
bounced off the window, which broke it, and I would say the other five
were inside the car either in him or in the car," Call said, "So whoever was sitting in there, they're either hurt bad or they're dead, one of the two."

Police tell us they found additional shell casings along New Circle Road, and they believe those inside the two vehicles may have continued to fire shots at each other.

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