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State Street residents taking precautions

Even people who participated in the post-game celebration on State Street Saturday night said it got out of hand and they're planning to be more careful tonight.

Landon Brantley says when he moved here, he knew there would be partying.

"When you live on State Street, you kinda got to know that it's not going to be just a relaxing time," he says.

But things got worse than he'd ever expected Saturday night.

"I actually had a friend whose car got flipped down the street from here and she was crying all night," he says.

Landon's one of the few students on State Street who has a garage to keep his car safe. Others who plan on being here tonight have other strategies.

"We brought an old junker car that's gold and super-heavy so that way it's not red or blue so it doesn't get flipped and we parked it in the back and kept it safe there," says Ross Bernardo.

Others say they had trouble with people trespassing. One says he'll take matters into his own hands.

"Tonight I'm going to get my own paintball gun so I can be my own little SWAT member and protect my porch," says Wesley Kendrick Settles

As they prepare for what could be another wild night, they say destruction has no place in the celebrations.

"Flipping cars and causing damage to people, that's just not cool. That's somebody's life you're messing with," says Sam Gaddie.

Although most of the people we talked with said they'd take more precautions, there were a couple who said they wouldn't do anything differently.

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