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Jessamine County officials ponder smoking ban

"I moved out of Lexington for the exact same reason - because they wouldn't let you smoke anywhere. We have no rights whatsoever anymore."

Rick Turner says he's upset by a smoking ban that could be passed here in Jessamine County. If the ordinance passes, Jessamine County would join these counties across the state which have enacted similar bans. Turner says ordinances like these destroy his rights.

"I just think we ought to have some rights and we ought to have some choices. You either do that or you move to a communist nation where you don't have any choices," says Turner.

While some people feel the ordinance will trample upon their rights, the man behind the ordinance, County Magistrate Terry Meckstroth, says it's all about public safety.

"I'm for less government too. Government regulates that you have to wear a seat belts in cars. Well why do you wear seat belts in cars? It's a safety issue. Just like smoking is a health issue," says Meckstroth.

Meckstroth says he's been trying to get the ordinance passed for two years and has made some concessions in the current version.

"We had to do a lot of compromises to get this ordinance to where it is today. It would not ban smoking in for example cigar stores, bars. It would not be regulated in these places," he says.

Officials from Nicholasville, Wilmore, and Jessamine County will meet tomorrow to discuss the ordinance before moving forward.

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