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Police: Prank crosses line

"What could have started out as a senior prank, which is what we think, really crossed the line and entered into criminal territory," says Sgt. Scott Harvey of the Nicholasville Police Department.

Toilet paper throughout the building and in trees, spray paint on school property, petroleum jelly on the windows and computers. A common theme among the vandalism at West Jessamine High School was the year 2012, but police say all the 2012 seniors they talked with were shocked.

"Everybody that we have talked to and everyone that's walked past us has talked about how disgusting this is, how ridiculous this is, how juvenile this is. I've heard several kids say, 'this is a high school and we're supposed to be adults,'" says Harvey.

Police say some of the vandals may technically be adults, looking at adult penalties.

"If it is a senior prank, the vast majority of your seniors have turned 18. This is an unfortunate introduction into the adult criminal justice system," says Harvey.

As police work to find the people behind the crime, they also say the damage isn't a reflection of the general student body.

"We don't want this painted with a broad brush that the class of 2012 did this. It's always the actions a few that affect the many that are here," says Harvey.

The Jessamine County superintendent says security cameras caught eight people committing the vandalism on the campus. She says in the eight years she's been superintendent, a senior prank has never resulted in anything this severe. Police say it's still too early to put a dollar figure on the damage.

"It's still early to tell what is damaged because if it cleans, it's a different story than if it needs to be replaced," says Harvey.

The last day of school in Jessamine County is May 25.

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