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New WYMT reporter talks to locals about living in Eastern Kentucky

HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - They say it is not easy being the new guy in town.

WYMT's Eric Eckstrom talked to several people in the community about living in Eastern Kentucky.

One month ago, Eric packed up and moved from his hometown of Detroit, Michigan to the mountains.

As the new guy, he found himself asking people what he should know about this region.

He started with a local historian at the Bobby Davis Museum, who told him the nickname for folks like him.

"We would say that you are 'brought on'. You are somebody who wasn't born here and came to live here recently. Like Steve Hensley. He grew up here and went to high school here but you are 'brought on'." Martha Quiggley told Eric.

Quigley says that despite the fun little poke, the community here is a place of friendliness and fellowship. A view many others share.

"I think we are known for being friendly and I do believe that anyone here can find friendship and lots of generosity." Hazard Mayor Nan Gorman told Eric when he met her.

Eric says he can get on board with the friendly part. He also wanted to know if there were any local customs or sayings he should know about.

"You'll hear people around here saying 'the other day' and they might be talking about maybe two months in the past but they will say the other day and you'll think this happened maybe three or four days ago." Robert Smith, who is a teenager from Perry County, said.

"If you try to work with them, you're going to be busy. I know when I go the garden to visit relatives and stuff if I go to the garden at 9 o'clock in the morning, I'm going to take a flashlight, because it will be dark by the time we come out of there." Kerry Crutcher, a native of the area, told Eric during his interviews.

Eric says after talking to several different folks, he believes this is a great place to work and is looking forward to telling you more stories in the future and being a part of the community in the years to come.

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