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New policy opens religious doors to birth control

By: Jerrika Insco Email
By: Jerrika Insco Email

President Obama's new policy requiring employers to provide health insurance that includes birth control coverage is causing an uproar nationally and locally.

The policy is already a law in 28 states, but President Obama wants to take it nationwide.

Contraceptives are not typically discussed in church.

President Obama's new policy has opened religious doors to the issue.

The policy would require religious schools and hospitals to provide birth control to employees as part of their health plans.

"I think the public is getting lulled into just accepting more and more government mandates. They're here to save us, they're to take care of us, and the truth is they are stripping us of our rights," said Dean DeMaris, the principal at Hazard Christian Academy.

Religious rights which DeMaris says every American is given under the First Amendment.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise there of," said DeMaris.

Many people within religious organizations say they feel attacked, especially the Catholic community who does not believe in using contraceptives period.

"I have no problem with contraception but forcing that organization to pay for something they don't believe in is what I have a problem with," said Michael Barnett, the pastor at New Hope Church in Hazard.

Some say it is not the birth control coverage that bothers them. It is the government's control over religious organizations and essentially their freedom.

Some say the continuous infringement on religious beliefs, like this policy, must be stopped.

The biggest concern lies among Roman Catholics who say the birth control mandate would force them to violate their religious beliefs against contraception.

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