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UPDATE: Cleanup underway after flash flooding in Pikeville

By: Whitney Burks, Hillary Thornton Email
By: Whitney Burks, Hillary Thornton Email
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PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - Flash flooding left a mess to clean up in Pikeville Wednesday night.

Officials say several roads had to be shut down, and water flowed into streets, parking lots and some buildings.

Thursday city officials surveyed the damage left behind.

The National Weather Service estimates nearly 1.7 inches of rain fell in Pikeville Wednesday evening.

"We've experienced this over and over and over. This was another one of those rainstorms that we tend to get," said Paul Maynard, Pikeville Public Safety Director.

That 1.7 inches of rain may not sound like a lot, but city officials say it caused its fair share of problems.

"It started raining right around 5:00. By 5:15-5:20 we were already taking on water in a lot of the roadways," said Maynard.

Streams overflowed into roads, parking lots, even some buildings.

"I was called back because water was in our parking lot near our entrance door, so I came back and of course the water was all over the parking lot. It was waist deep near the drain over here," said Dr. Mark Reed whose office parking lot flooded.

Crews spent Thursday cleaning up the mess because wherever the water was it left a thick coating of mud after it receded.

"We're seeing a lot of mud debris backup in parking lots, around buildings, in yards," said Maynard.

While it did not cause any major damage, seeing the waters rise caught some people by surprise.

"From what I understand this building has been here since the '50s. It's not happened ever until 2010, and it happened again just yesterday so yeah it was surprising," said Dr. Reed.

Now the cleanup continues as folks hope for a few drier days to come.

If you have any damage from the flooding you can report it to the Pikeville Public Safety Office at (606) 437-5111.



Heavy rains brought flash flooding to Eastern Kentucky on Wednesday.

Downpours caused a mess in Pikeville. Officials say one of the areas that was hit hard was along Chloe Road where some areas were under about two feet of water...leaving behind a muddy and rocky mess.

Public Safety Director Paul Maynard says, "At about 4:30 this afternoon the 911 Center began monitoring a couple of storms going towards Pikeville, one from the north and one from the south. They seemed to merge right around 5 o'clock and that's when it started into the downtown area."

Once the storm entered downtown officials say they began seeing a lot of lightning, high winds, and obviously a lot of rain in a short amount of time...causing some road closures and minor property damage.

Maynard says, "We are seeing a lot of water and debris in yards. We do have some damage reported where water got under homes or in some cases vehicles."

Folks living in the area say the water rose quickly, covering their yards and roadways within 20 minutes.

David Reynolds, lives along Chloe Rd. and says, "Bridges stop up, creeks are too narrow and it just cant hold it...but as much water as this is I don't see how you could hold it anywhere. It is just too much at one time."

The rushing water swept mud and rocks onto their property, something neighbors say they've seen happen many times before.

"It comes pretty quick. They used to strip mine back in the holler and it is loaded with rocks...as you can see I've got a pretty good collection of rocks," explains Reynolds.

Officials say in addition to some residential property damage, there was some minor damage to a few businesses and schools.

Anyone with damage is encouraged to contact the Pikeville Police Department so they can come out assess the damage.

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