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Family Business, LLC launches Renewed You Clinic

As a great number of citizens in Eastern Kentucky struggle to overcome opiate addiction, one company has introduced an effective solution. Family Business, LLC, provides medically assisted treatment and clinical counseling for those struggling with opiate addiction at their new facility, Renewed You Clinic.
Renewed You Clinic focuses on its Christian principles and providing a holistic approach to overcoming addiction, not only offering medically assisted treatments, but also vocational support and individual, group and family counseling.
“We help people regain control of their lives and recover from opiate addiction”, stated Registered Nurse at Renewed You Clinic, Rebecca Sperry. “We help people cope with their family, home, and job situations for a well-rounded recovery experience”. Renewed You Clinic uses “qualified Doctors who not only know medicine, but know people”, says Allen Sperry, company co-founder and Executive Director, to carry out their three-step approach. First, to prescribe Suboxone, a medication that takes away physical cravings and withdrawal symptoms to allow you to focus on your independence and recovery. Secondly, Renewed You Clinic offers individual, group and family counseling, with certified substance abuse counselors, to “educate, encourage, and solicit motivation from patients while teaching coping skills and avoidance techniques”, says Allen Sperry. Clinical and Pastoral counselors aid in working through depression, anxiety, insomnia, and fear of relapse. Finally, Renewed You Clinic provides vocational support to help clients seek job opportunities, create resumes, and refine interview skills.
Renewed You Clinic also prides itself on a “boosts” program they’ve created, collecting some of their own profits and private donations, to provide financial and professional support to highly motivated patients who complete the program. “The boosts will come in various forms” says Allen Sperry, but mentions a few encouraging examples, such as “starting a business, or a scholarship to college/tech school, or assistance with building a home”.
Located at 225 Washington Street in Stanton, KY, Renewed You Clinic is available Monday - Friday from 8:30am- 5:30pm. The staff at Renewed You Clinic is excited to provide help, support and encouragement for the people of Stanton and surrounding counties. To learn more about Renewed You Clinic visit www.renewedyouclinic.net.

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