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Fire station closing, could delay emergency service

People who live in the Duncannon Lane area depend on fire station 5 for quick help in an emergency, but they'll soon have to wait longer for help as the city shuts station 5 down.

"It has been a comfort knowing the fire station is that close," said Brian Moseley.

Moseley lives in the neighborhood right next to station 5, but the comfort that station provides will soon be gone. Due to budget concerns, Richmond Mayor Jim Barnes says the city has decided to shut that station down in early August. The firefighters who work there will be transferred to other city stations.

"It's an economic decision. Where the city's going to be in five years. What we're trying to do is be more efficient. It's just a numbers game," said Mayor Barnes.

After the station closes, crews from the nearest city and county stations will respond to emergencies in the area, but that response will be a bit slower.

"You're looking at probably a two minute at the most different response time," said Mayor Barnes.

But Moseley says those two minutes could mean all the difference in the world.

"Two minute delay can mean a big difference depending on what the fire is. I know a Christmas tree can spontaneously combust and take out a whole living room in 10-15 seconds," said Moseley.

But he says he understands that the city government doesn't have much choice.

"If I don't have the money, I don't spend it, so yeah, I think it's the right thing," Moseley said.

Mayor Barnes said the station could reopen if the local economy improves.

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