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Reduction-in-force notices issued at Blue Grass Army Depot

Following last July’s announcement that more than 300 permanent
employees at Blue Grass Army Depot may be impacted by a reduction-in-Force (RIF),
notices were issued today to just under 200 Depot workers. Those impacted will remain
employed until June 21 of this year. The Depot workforce will stabilize for the
foreseeable future at 560 permanent employees.
Helping mitigate the negative job impact is the fact that some 160 of the workers who
received notices, are being offered temporary or term positions that extend for varying
periods of time beyond June 21. Those who accept the transition from permanent to
temp or term employment will retain their pay and benefits.
The dramatic reduction in the number of workers impacted is attributed to normal
attrition, early retirement or separation offers, strict hiring practices, and the securing
of additional workload for the upcoming two-year fiscal period.
BGAD and it’s higher headquarters, the Joint Munitions Command (JMC), have put in
place a wide variety of support efforts and organizations to help displaced workers find
new employment, either within the government or private industry.
“I’m a combat veteran, but I’ve never had a more difficult task than informing patriotic
and hard-working members of the BGAD family that their jobs are gone or are going
away,” says BGAD Commander COL Brian L. Rogers. “But I also know that the difficulty
of a task doesn’t make it any less important, and that a key part of my job as BGAD
Commander is being a steward of our taxpayer dollars. I am pleased the final number
of those impacted has been reduced, but it hasn’t lessened the burden of the process.”
BGAD is not alone in its RIF actions. Other Army and Department of Defense (DoD)
industrial organizations are matching their workforce to expected future workload.
Driving these actions has been the reduction of overseas military operations and related
The reduction of jobs at BGAD has no impact on the various tenants and contractors on
the installation, including the Blue Grass Chemical Activity (BGCA) who safeguards and
monitors the Depot’s chemical munitions, and the construction of the Blue Grass
Chemical Agent-destruction Pilot Plant (BGCAPP). The security and safety of the
chemical munitions stockpile is not impacted.

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