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Stolen dog returned to humane society

By: Denny Trease
By: Denny Trease

There was a happy ending Thursday in the search for a dog taken illegally during an adoption event at a Lexington store.

The cute little pooch named Barrie captured the hearts of many of our viewers after 27 Newsfirst reported his abduction last Sunday.

Charlie Fuerniss and his wife Elaine operate a dog rescue from their Bourbon County farm. They took Barrie to Petsmart in Hamburg Sunday hoping to arrange an adoption, but Mr. Fuerniss says things went very, very wrong. "A woman had come up previously that day and walked the dog with some children. Later she returned and asked a second time to walk the dog. Fortunately another couple who was interested in Barrie decided just to follow along and see how the dog behaved. They said when the woman got close to the front door, she just whisked the dog out, and there was a car that pulled up, and she jumped in with the dog."

And that's where the power of television came in. Fuerniss says, "Channel 27 picked it up and ran the story Sunday night, and we're thinking that probably put the fear of God in her."

Because that same night, Barrie was spotted wandering along Winchester Road by another woman who later took her to the humane society.

Elaine Fuerniss went to Lexington Humane Society Thursday morning and was relieved to find that Barrie was indeed there safe and sound.
The Fuernisses say many of the dogs they rescue have been starved for love and attention. According to Charlie, "Sometimes you can just see them and realize that it's been pretty rough for them, and they get attached to us real quick."

So after all that's happened, is this caring couple starting to think they're destined to keep Barrie as a pet? "Oh golly, no. There's a home out there for Barrie, a very special home we're sure. There's a good reason that all of this happened the way it did."

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