Polls closed at Lexington’s Kroger Field

After a six week delay, and a day of long lines at Kroger Field, voting in Lexington is now complete.
Published: Jun. 23, 2020 at 11:46 AM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - After a six week delay, and a day of long lines at Kroger Field, voting in Lexington is now complete.

In Fayette County, some people waiting in line to vote in-person at Kroger Field told us they had to wait for about two hours. Some of them were understanding of the changes and just happy to vote, others not so much.

“I had to fill in four dots and it’s all paper, which I didn’t realize,” Mary Royse said. “So, I could’ve done a paper vote at home and mailed it in or delivered it if I was really concerned but that I didn’t really understand”

Some people weren’t wearing masks and that’s one thing some people we talked with were concerned about. They said voting this way makes them think COVID-19 could only spread faster.

People also say social distancing didn’t seem to be a thing. And, above all, the wait time has some people even walking away from voting.

One woman told us she waited for one hour and 40 minutes and saw at least five people walk away who she doesn’t expect to return.

There were even some people waiting in line who didn’t expect to be there.

“No, I wasn’t expecting to be here I did the mail-in ballot and it never showed up,” Bob Smith said. ”I did it. It said it was successful and it never showed up. I never got it. So, last week, I went online to see what the status of it was and it said I never did it.”

One man said he purposefully didn’t vote via mail.

“I really didn’t want to I wanted to come and stand in line, I wanted to get the sticker I wanted to say ‘hey, I was out there with the masses,‘” Douglas Korn said. “I’m ecstatic to see thousands of people in line.”

The wait times were long to start the day, but we’re told election workers opened up another check-in station to make the line go faster. However, the shortest wait time we heard from someone who voted was about an hour and 20 minutes.

If you came out to vote, you probably also noticed people with Amy McGrath’s team. They were 100 feet away from the voting entrance, and that’s how far they have to stay by Kentucky law.

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