Hollywood holds local theater at standstill after reopenings

Published: Jun. 26, 2020 at 11:53 AM EDT
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MOREHEAD, Ky. (WKYT) – While theaters can reopen – in fact, some have, - cinemas are still playing a problematic waiting game with Hollywood: new movies mean larger crowds, and while theater owners wait for that new material, they’re watching ticket-buyers dwindle.

Morehead Cinemas, for example, have been open since the restrictions were lifted. The box office total, however, paints a picture of the changes that have happened at the cinema, including what is being shown.

The theater says they are waiting on Hollywood to release some new movies, and in the meantime are showing some classics.

While that may be a balm to some, the lack of new movies has made an impact on the theater. They say crowds are not as large as they could be, and the theater has to be careful not to lose money in the process.

Managers at Morehead Cinemas say they need California to figure out a reopening plan in order to not only help out the studios, but also the local movie theaters.

“I guess it’s excitement that is missing. As exciting as it might be for me or yourself for something like ‘Goonies,’ ‘JAWS,’ or ‘Empire Strikes Back,’ it’s still not the same as coming out for say for ‘Black Widow,’ or a ‘Quiet Place 2,’ or something big that you have been looking forward to for a year or two,” says Daniel Totich, the manager of Morehead Cinemas.

The cinema continues to test the waters with those classics, hoping more and more people will show up.

The theater also qualified for a small business loan, which helped them while they were forced to shut their doors.

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