Fayette County election officials say primary election was a success

Most people voted through the mail, but some went to Kroger Field to cast their ballots.
Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 9:34 AM EDT
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KENTUCKY (WKYT) - Fayette County has finished calculating its vote totals.

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Most people voted through the mail, but some went to Kroger Field to cast their ballots.

Fayette County Clerk Don Blevins Jr. says this year’s primary was a success.

About 80,300 absentee ballots were counted. Some of those ballots were rejected for not having signatures on both the inner and outer envelopes.

In the closely watched Democratic Senate race, Blevins says Charles Booker won Fayette County, receiving a total of 27,520 votes. Amy McGrath received 24,005 votes.

However, McGrath was declared the overall winner Tuesday afternoon.

Blevins says the tallying process for votes was a little different this year. Instead of going through the totals on paper, officials read the results off thumb drives that were loaded into machines that scanned individual ballots.

Blevins says he’s still disappointed by the long lines that were outside Kroger Field on Election Day. He explains people who had already requested absentee ballots showed up and several registered independent voters tried to vote.

If this voting model takes place in November, Blevins says officials will have to do a better job educating voters about the mail-in process.

“One of the challenges we had for mail-in, in particular, was that communication back to the voter was limited, in terms of has your ballot been received,” Blevins said. “I think that would have put to rest a lot of people’s concerns.”

Blevins says he and staffers were able to pull off the primary with about six weeks of planning. But he notes that the same thing can’t happen in November. He says there’ll be double the number of voters and officials will need much more time to prepare.

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