Beshear reports 282 new COVID-19 cases, five deaths

Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 3:43 PM EDT
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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Governor Andy Beshear held a news conference to give an update on the COVID-19 situation in Kentucky.

WATCH LIVE: Gov. Beshear gives COVID-19 update

WATCH LIVE: Gov. Beshear gives COVID-19 update More>>

Posted by WKYT on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The governor reported 282 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday, which bring the state’s total to 15,624. That’s out of 404,781 tests.

We’re told 2,621 of those people have had to be hospitalized, with 1,019 in ICU. The current numbers are 408 currently hospitalized with 75 patients in the ICU.

Gov. Beshear also reported five new deaths. Kentucky’s COVID-19 death on Tuesday is now up to 565.

The governor and Dr. Stack say the numbers continue to show that Kentucky has undeniably flattened the curve, and is still remaining in a plateau phase, despite other states that are seeing numbers double and triple.

But they warn it doesn’t mean its time to relax.

Now that we’re in Phase 3 of the plan get the economy back open and with even more Kentucky businesses reopening, the governor pushing harder for face masks.

Tuesday, Governor Beshear mentioned other states are making it mandatory to wear face masks in public places. He says Kentucky is not there yet, but he is constantly seeing people not following the CDC recommendations.

“Following these rules, following all these rules is absolutely critical to make sure we don’t go the way of Florida, of Texas, and of other states,” the governor said. “And especially now, that we reopened so much this last Monday, we have a responsibility. All of us, individually, to do what it takes to be reopen at this level, and not cause a spike in cases. Because if we do, and if we have to roll things back, it will be because we individual Kentuckians did not take the responsibility to make sure we followed the rules, to do it safely. It will be on us.”

Governor Beshear talked again about traveling to other states.

The governor encouraged people with vacation plans to areas that are seeing a resurgence of the virus, such as Florida, Texas and South Carolina, to cancel those plans.

“If you see that there’s a huge spike in other states, that it’s happening at the beach, don’t go,” Governor Beshear said. “If right now, you have reservations in Myrtle Beach, why would you go, when we know that it’s being brought back from there, and it’s dangerous to you, and to your family. So, let’s make sure that we protect one another.

Governor Beshear also addressed the unemployment situation in the state. He says the state has entered into a contract with an accounting company to help handle claims.

“This contract is gonna help us get caught up,” the governor said. “We have been notifying legislative leadership of it today. We believe there is support for it. I’m sure they will look at the contract, and they should. But this is our best chance in the short term to help as many people out there as we can. And we believe the process they will use will help prioritize the oldest claims, and get them resolved first.”

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