‘Corona Connects’ links volunteers with opportunities to help during pandemic

Published: Jul. 13, 2020 at 4:47 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - There are a number of organizations across the country looking to help those impacted by COVID 19, and many of them need volunteers.

Aish Balaji is a student from Frankfort. She studies at the University of Pennsylvania. She’s also the regional coordinator for Corona Connects, a group looking to connect those who want to help, to organizations who need help.

“As things started to close down, less people were looking for volunteers or they haven’t really changed their volunteer system yet in a way that could be compatible for an online version,” said Balaji. “So, that’s why we’ve been reaching out to the volunteer organizations to see if they need help.”

Balaji is one of 25 college students involved in Corona Connects. She says that as the world shifted digitally and classes began to close down, she and her peers from across America decided to step up.

“We noticed that as more people were coming home and more people were working from home a lot of people wanted to help in some way,” Balaji said. “But they weren’t really sure how, and as more people were displaced from where they usually, work or are used to living and working, they didn’t really know what kind of opportunities there were in their local communities. Our main goal is to be that connector and we need volunteers for that of course.”

To date, the organization has connected over 6,000 people who want to volunteer in their communities to organizations that need volunteers, breaking down the opportunities by type of organization and the type of volunteer needed.

“I knew that there were so many people and so many ways to help, but so little to do from inside your home so for me this was a great way to try to utilize the time I had and still find ways to help people,” Balaji said.

You can get matched to an organization or post a need on the Corona Connects website.

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