Health Cabinet pushes for more Kentuckians to take advantage of Medicaid

Health insurance remains to be a focus and need for thousands of Kentuckians since the pandemic began.
Published: Aug. 7, 2020 at 1:29 PM EDT
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WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - Health insurance remains a focus for state officials and a need for thousands of Kentuckians since the pandemic began.

This week, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services called for more of the public to enroll in Medicaid if in need. Meanwhile, for many Kentuckians enrolling remains a confusing task.

The Clinic at Rapha Ministries in Winchester serves countless people in the community with healthcare, housing, and food needs. The ministry serves many who do not have health insurance and cannot get it.

Since the pandemic, leaders say some, who have been laid off, have come to the clinic thinking they did not meet the Medicaid requirements, only to be surprised they do.

The clinic has acted as a liaison helping those enroll, meaning they can save their own resources for those that cannot get the help they need.

“Some of the patients we were seeing now qualify for Medicaid due to COVID-19,” said Executive Director Sherry Mohr. “They were working before and they were right over that line but they couldn’t get it. Because of COVID-19, their hours are reduced, they lost their jobs and now they qualify for Medicaid.”

Recent research by the Journal of General Internal Medicine found that more than 18 million Americans who are at an increased risk of a severe form of COVID-19 have little or no insurance.

Medicaid enrollment has reached record levels since the pandemic began, but Medicaid enrollment requirements took a sharp turn a month after Governor Andy Beshear took office when he lifted work requirements for enrollment.

The state continues to lead other states in enrollment. Click here for more information.

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