Suspension and expulsion: UK responds to reports of off-campus parties

Published: Aug. 10, 2020 at 11:51 AM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - One concern for the state while trying to control the spread of COVID-19, is large gatherings.

Monday, we learned it’s also a concern for the University of Kentucky as they work to keep students from going to parties near campus.

Last week, the president of the University of Kentucky, Dr. Eli Capilouto, told us they would deal with any careless group behavior.

Monday, we learned UK has started that process by reaching out to students involved in off-campus parties over the weekend.

They were notified by Lexington police, about some parties in apartments or homes off-campus on streets like Maxwell and Aylesford place, Where they know lots of students live.

“A number of citations, I believe around 11 or so or issued,” said Jay Blanton, University of Kentucky spokesperson. “I presume for things like either alcohol or noise ordinance sort of issues.”

They’ll be contacting students directly, and hope to educate them about the efforts the university is taking will be enough.

“As you know, our code of student conduct makes pretty clear health and safety activities that might compromise the health and safety of our students is a violation of our student code of conduct,” Blanton said.

They’re still in the process of testing every student as school starts, but they know what happens off campus can also affect those on it.

“If students can’t make that adjustment, I expect they will, but for those hopefully small numbers they can’t make adjustments, there’s a whole range of sort of disciplinary measures, Blanton said. “We don’t typically talk about specific measures, but you can read that student code of conduct and see there’s a range from simple sanctions all the way to suspension and expulsion.”

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