Georgetown brewery prepares for possible aluminum can shortage

Published: Aug. 11, 2020 at 4:42 PM EDT
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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - While at the grocery store, you may have noticed you can’t find your favorite flavor of Dr Pepper, or that beer you like is sold out.

Companies across the country are addressing an aluminum can shortage, and the Commonwealth is no different.

The sound of cracking open a cold can of beer is music to the ears after a long day.

“One of the scary things for us, is if the big guys like that are having a hard time than we know it will eventually come down to the craft brewers,” says Daniel Harrison co-founder of Country Boy Brewing.

Harrison says he’s been communicating with suppliers and distributors to stay ahead of the issue, but this is all happening as his company has commissioned a new canning line.

"This new canning line is going to need aluminum cans to put beer into," Harrison says.

Plus, the problem is hitting during the summer which is a time Harrison says is busiest for his industry. He says shares COVID-19 has likely made the issue worse.

“Consumers’ buying habits have changed. A lot more people are buying 12-pack case beers, cokes, things of that nature to drink at home,” Harrison says.

So, what's next for businesses like Country Boy Brewing? Harrison says it's about staying prepared to weather the storm.

"We got to do our best to read those tea leaves and look for the crystal ball at what the future is going to hold," Harrison says.

Harrison says Country Boy Brewing has also been distributing less draft beer at the on-premise bars and restaurants due to current restrictions put into place during the pandemic.

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