Lexington pastor offers reward for return of Bible that was in stolen car

WKYT News at 6:00 PM
Published: Aug. 20, 2020 at 4:38 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Pastor John Wither’s car was stolen from his home Tuesday morning.

He’s now offering a $500 reward, not for the car, but for a priceless item he left inside.

On Tuesday Morning, Breck Withers got a call from his father, John.

“Yeah it was early and he said, ‘I’ve had an interesting morning. I went out to get my car and it wasn’t there,‘” Breck said.

Days later, John’s main objective is to get back what was taken from him, and spoiler alert, it’s not the car.

“Oh no, I want my Bible back,” John said. “It’s the only thing of value that can’t be replaced, stuff is just stuff. So what?”

For years, friends and family members have teased John, a former pastor, about the condition of his most prized possession.

“The pages started falling out, first one then two and so on,” John explained. “The whole back was just gone, so I had to start using rubber bands.”

John is offering a $500 reward to the man who stole his car and he doesn’t want press charges or pursue legal action. Instead, he wants to gift him a Bible of his own, so he can have his favorite back.

“It’s got all my stuff in it, 20 years worth of notes, you can’t replace that,” John said. “So, that’s all I care about, getting back my green tattered Bible held together by rubber bands.”

John’s car is a silver 2005 Toyota Matrix with a license plate number of 671-XAZ.

If you see it, contact Lexington police.

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