Group looking for volunteers to help target gun violence among Lexington’s youth

Group looking for volunteers to help target gun violence among Lexington’s youth
Published: Aug. 26, 2020 at 10:25 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - After a violent week in Lexington with teens as the targets, some community members are searching for ways to get to kids before they can get to the streets.

That effort started with a community conversation Wednesday night at the Unity Worship Center.

We heard stories from so many people who showed up to talk about youth gun violence, like an uncle preparing to bury his 17-year-old nephew, a 21-year-old still mourning the death of her twin brother, and a mother terrified that one of her kids will be next.

Those are the same stories that reinforce Sharod Clay’s mission to find a solution after his nephew was shot and killed in Fayette Mall.

“That is my motivation, I hate to see mothers crying, you know I cry too,” Clau said. “Today, it was really tough for me.”

And, along with those stories were volunteers to help.

“As far as everything I’ve seen go on this week, it’s extremely hard because it just takes me back to the time for when my brother passed away,” Zaria Clark said. “So, it touches home.”

Clark started the Remembering Community Angels group to make sure other people facing the same struggle know they aren’t alone.

And now she’s part of Clay’s conversation to find solutions, too. So, she can support those already hurting and save the ones before it’s too late.

“It’s been time to step up and say ‘hey we’re going to stop this, this is not cool,’” Clark said. “No mother, nobody should have to bury their loved one at a young age.”

To get involved with the conversation, the group will meet again at the Unity Worship Center on Sept. 10 at 6 p.m.

And, if you want to get involved with Clark’s Remembering Community Angels group, reach out to her by email at or on her Facebook page.

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