Peaceful candlelight vigil held for Breonna Taylor in Hazard

Candlelight vigil held in Hazard for Breonna Taylor
Candlelight vigil held in Hazard for Breonna Taylor(WYMT)
Published: Sep. 24, 2020 at 5:45 PM EDT
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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - Protests continue Thursday in Louisville and across the country after Wednesday’s verdict did not convict any of the Louisville police officers in the death of Breonna Taylor.

This verdict left many, such as Joseph Palumbo saying justice has not been served.

“I don’t agree with the verdict obviously you know I feel like a human being’s life was just sort of tossed to the side in this matter. For the family and friends of Breonna Taylor to have to wait six-plus months to get a verdict where no one was charged at all for her death or any kind of charge for that matter is disheartening to say the least for me, so I can only imagine what the friend and family are going through,” said Palumbo.

Those feelings pushed him to organize a candlelight vigil in downtown Hazard Thursday night, across from Triangle Park.

“In lieu of the verdict it was heavy on my heart to try and get this organized," said Palumbo.

The community came together peacefully to honor Breonna Taylor’s memory.

“It’s just better just to come together and do this right here what we’re doing right now instead of fighting violence it’s just too much," said Ebony Carter, who lives in Hazard and attended the vigil.

Many at the vigil said the legal representation let not just Taylor and her family down, but them as well.

“The attorney general he just pretty much slapped all of us people of color in the face you know with his decision," said Dee Parker, who also attended the vigil.

Pastor Lawrence Olinger spoke at the event, saying everyone needs to find a common bond as everyone is one blood.

“Until we learn to love one another and unite we’ll always be where we are right now," said Olinger.

Hazard native Jordan Carter said she wants white people to put themselves in her shoes to know what she goes through.

“I want them to understand from our point of view how it feels because if it was on the the other side it would be totally different," said Jordan.

Information about Taylor’s history and accomplishments was displayed for those who may only know her name and not her story.

Another vigil will be held downtown Friday night at 7.

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