Jessamine County school bus drivers prepare for students to take their seats

Published: Sep. 26, 2020 at 9:52 PM EDT
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NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) -Jessamine County Public Schools return to in-person instruction starting Sept. 28.

It’s not just students’ desks that need to be sanitized. The school buses and drivers are preparing for students to fill those seats.

The district has 91 routes, and will fill each bus with a maximum of 30 students.

“Pre-K and kindergarten, the monitors will be checking the temperatures at the stop and then if they’re ok, they’ll get on the bus and they’ll get a hand sanitizer, and we’ll be loading the buses from the rear to the front and then we’ll be dismissing the buses from front to rear,” said Ben Payne, director of transportation.

It’s a different roll call for grades one through 12.

“We’re going to dismiss them one seat at a time checking their temperatures, as they exit,” he said.

Seats are also assigned.

“Each student will have the same seat to and from school and we’re keeping records of that with our seating charts for the contact tracing,” Payne said.

Like everywhere else, masks are a must.

“If there was somebody pulling it down or something like that, they would explain to the student, 'here’s why we’re doing it, here’s why you need to keep your mask on, if we want to remain in-person instruction, then you have to help us help you help everybody stay healthy.”

70 percent of Jessamine Public School students are expected to return to class on Monday in-person. A district spokesperson said nearly half of those students, around 3,000 people, will ride the bus.

“It gets in your blood, we’re the first faces they see and the last faces they see until they go home, they’re just as excited to see those kiddos as they’re excited to see us,” Payne said.

Drivers will have a free seat behind them for precious cargo, hand sanitizers.

Payne said students showing any kind of symptoms will sit there. Bus drivers will also sanitize the bus after every route.

“They’re hitting all the hight spots, wiping down all the high touch items, spraying them as well and the driver’s cockpit and the handrail as they exit the bus.”

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