Rise in COVID-19 cases this weekend comes as no surprise to healthcare professionals

Published: Oct. 4, 2020 at 10:24 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A message from health care professionals this weekend.

“This is not a time to relax. If you haven’t gotten it thus far, you can still get it,” said Emergency Physician, Dr. Ryan Stanton.

While it may feel like we’ve been in this pandemic for years, Dr. Ryan Stanton reminds us it’s been less than seven months since the first case in Kentucky.

“The end of winter, getting into Spring of 2021, that’s when we’re more likely to see a significant alleviation and walk out of this with only something that’s in the back of our mind, as opposed to the front of our minds every day,” said Dr. Stanton.

Governor Andy Beshear announced Saturday marked the highest number of COVID-19 cases the state has seen so far.

“It’s zero surprise. One, kids are going to be kids. Young folks are going to do young folk things. Including getting together, parties, whatever it may be, which does increase that risk of spread,” Dr. Stanton said.

An increase medical experts expected as the state started to reopen, with young people and adults being out more. Dr. Stanton said we’re seeing hot spots of increases among University of Kentucky students. Saying the flare up in cases at the Nation’s Capital is an example of what we may see across the state in the coming weeks.

“At the White House. Right there with a lot of cases in one close area. Demonstrating what happens when masks aren’t on in close gatherings and extended amount of time in close contact with each other.”

Dr. Stanton said there should be a decrease in cases as sports and events wrap up going into the winter months.

He said we’re also seeing similar trends in professional sports.

He said the NFL is seeing a spike in cases because the sport just started back up. But he said they’ve seen better trends with sports like Nascar, that already had their spikes and are starting to see a decrease in cases now.

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