Madison Co. woman who won car on ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ selling it to help special needs children

Published: Oct. 15, 2020 at 4:44 PM EDT
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MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A big prize is going to make a big impact on kids in Madison County as one woman donates her winnings.

“It was crazy, it was awesome, super surreal,” co-owner of Hogg Therapy Michell Raney said.

Anyone would be excited to win a new car on a game show, but Raney knew the Ford Fiesta from Let’s Make a Deal wouldn’t be hers for long. She’s selling the car, because she and her friends decided before the show they would donate anything they won.

“I just looked at the crowd and said ‘what about the kids?’ And so I was like I didn’t wanna go home a loser mostly because I wanted to help the kids,” Raney said.

Those kids are people she’s already helping. All of the money from they car will go into what she calls “the Let’s Make a Deal grant," which will help families keep up with their kids' therapy and equipment.

“If you have a complex child, maybe you need speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy all in one week. Sometimes those things have a co-pay associated with it, so we can get pretty pricey to receive all the therapy services in the amount that you need each week,” Raney said.

Selling the car is just the jumping off point. Raney has plans to continue adding to the “Let’s Make a Deal grant.”

“Little things like selling T-shirts, we’re looking at doing other things around other seasons that would help drive in money,” Raney said.

She says the car has opened new doors for the kids of Madison County.

“We’re ready to sell the car. Let’s make a deal!”

She is now accepting offers on the new car, hoping to make more than $16,000. It’s listed on Hogg Therapy’s Facebook page and on

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