Franklin County Public Schools decide to delay return to in-person learning

Published: Oct. 18, 2020 at 9:41 PM EDT
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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - In Franklin County, students were supposed to be heading back into the classrooms Monday, Oct. 19.

But, in a Facebook video, Superintendent Mark Kopp announced a change in plans that will keep them behind a computer screen for at least another week.

“After analyzing data, speaking with the health department, and consulting with the board of education, we’re going to remain virtual for at least the next week,” Kopp said in the video.

The decision was made Thursday, which was the first day Franklin County was shown as yellow on the state’s incidence rate map since September.

“Because it was the first day and the same day the state announced more cases on that day than it had in any other day, it was really just a matter of us making sure that the data is consistent,” Kopp said.

In that Facebook video and in a separate interview with WKYT, Superintendent Kopp said what they’re trying to avoid is having to switch back and forth between in-person and virtual learning from one week to the next week.

“We’ve seen several school districts all throughout this week and the last week that had gone back and several of them have gone back to virtual because of a spike in cases,” Kopp said.

“We have to respect that,” teacher Gala Catron said. “We have to err on the side of safety.”

Catron is a teacher in the Franklin County School District, and while she said teaching through a computer screen is a challenge, she still has mixed feelings about being back in a classroom.

“I’m excited to see my students, I’ve missed them so much,” Catron said. “But, it’s also a little bit scary because we’re all going to be wearing masks and we just don’t know what’s going to happen.”

“No one wants our students back more than I do, more than our teachers do, more than our parents do,” Kopp said. “We all want our students back, but we also have to always put safety first.”

Superintendent Kopp said the board will re-evaluate this Thursday and make a decision whether to return to in-person learning the following Monday, Oct. 26.

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