Online survey could help LPD, some worry they’d scroll right past it

Published: Oct. 18, 2020 at 9:37 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - You now have the chance to tell the Lexington Police Department how you think its officers are doing.

“Technically, in the long run, you gain from it because then the police know what to do whenever they encounter someone,” said Lexington resident, Merdi Bosele.

You’re asked to take part in an anonymous survey, ranking the department on a scale of ‘very much so’, ‘somewhat’, ' or ‘not at all.’ Encountering prompts like ‘I’m confident the police will solve serious crime’ or ‘the police department is biased in its actions.’

“People ignore things like that. I’m saying this because I kind of do it unfortunately. I wouldn’t go looking for a survey like that at all.”

Bosele said she feels like the city would be best served, if people felt like they knew the police officers serving them.

“They would feel like I’m here to help a friend, not just a stranger. Then put on a guard and get ready for something bad. If they come with love behind them.”

Bosele appreciating the department’s openness to feedback, but concerned an online survey may not be the right approach.

“Some people struggle with calling the cops because they’re scared of what energy the cop is going to come with. But usually they’re good people. They’re coming to help.”

Bosele’s hopeful others don’t scroll past the survey like she says she probably would have done.

The survey was developed by a national non-profit organization Police Two Peace, along with researchers at New York University.

You have until November 1st to take it.

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