Lexington passes 10K total COVID-19 cases since beginning of pandemic

Published: Oct. 21, 2020 at 9:36 AM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The Lexington-Fayette County Health Department reported 84 new COVID-19 cases for its update for Tuesday.

Two new deaths were reported.

The new cases push the county’s total since the beginning of the pandemic over 10,000. The current totals for Lexington are 10,076 cases and 91 deaths related to COVID-19.

The city’s highest one-day totals to date have been:

  • 167 cases, Sept. 11
  • 149 cases, Sept. 10
  • 131 cases, Aug. 7
  • 123 cases, Sept. 9
  • 122 cases, Sept. 1
  • 120 cases, Sept. 2
  • 119 cases, Aug. 28
  • 116 cases, July 27
  • 114 cases, Sept. 19
  • 113 cases, Sept. 5 and Sept. 16

As the state experiences its third spike in cases, officials in Fayette County say more work needs to be done.

“Some people feel this is overblown and some people feel there’s not enough being done to slow the spread,” said Kevin Hall with the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department. “Until people start wearing their masks, following the guidelines, we’re not going to see this slow down anytime soon. We have to work together to follow the guidelines until a vaccine is widely available and effective to help people stay safe from this.”

Hall says right now the city is experiencing a second plateau, but this is starting much higher than our first. He says, while over 60% of cases are in young to middle-age people, the vast majority of deaths are coming from the older generation.

“What we’re seeing now is an increase in cases in long-term care facilities and that’s particularly troubling because those are people that are at highest risk of death,” Hall said.

Hall says, even in this plateau, we’re still seeing high numbers of cases, days of anywhere from 50-100 cases a day. And, even though we’re still down from mouths like August and September, the danger is still ever-present.

“This is an indication that we’re still not where we need to be and there’s fear that all it takes is one case at one place to see those numbers skyrocket again," Hall said. “There are too many people we know of who are symptomatic and think oh this is just allergies, or oh this is a cold, or oh this is the flu. If you’re showing any of the COVID 19 symptoms stay home, get tested, and make sure you’re not putting other people at risk.”

There are still multiple free testing sites in the City of Lexington. The health department wants people to know if they aren’t able to leave their house, but they need a COVID test, they can call the health department to have a test brought to them.

Statewide, there are currently 89,544 total cases and 1,342 deaths.

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