Franklin Co. Schools resume in-person classes for first time this semester

Published: Oct. 26, 2020 at 11:35 AM EDT
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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - It’s a big day for Franklin County Schools. In-person learning is returning, which means that elementary school students will be back in the classroom five days a week, while middle and high school students will be on a hybrid learning schedule.

“People are anxious, obviously this is our first day back with students in the building,” Western Hills High School Principal Greg Roush said.

Principal Roush said things are going well.

“It’s been a good day, been a good morning, very smooth,” Roush said.

Roush says his staff began planning for this day in the summer and when Superintendent Mark Kopp took to Facebook last Thursday night with this message: “After analyzing the data this week and speaking with the health department and consulting with the board of education, we will be returning to instruction on Monday, Oct. 26th.”

They were ready.

“You know we’re wearing masks and we’re sanitizing and we’re walking in the same directions and just a lot of protocols in place for safety and that’s what school’s about and that’s what we all signed up for,” Principal Roush said.

Officials say fluidity is going to be a key component to in-person classes returning. Take for example out here at Western Hills High School. Officials say if need be, they’ll be able to flip between virtual learning and hybrid learning if any outbreak occurs.

“The kids that are at home right now have the same schedule as the kids that are in class right now and so we can go back and forth as needed, so you know that anxiety of that Thursday decision it’s like a snow day, you know are the numbers good enough for us to come in or are we going to continue virtual,” Roush said. “That’s the anxious piece, the planning, but you know today we’ve ripped the Band-Aid off, you know we’re back in.”

Elementary school students are going back full time in Franklin County, but middle and high school students are using a hybrid model. Roush says regardless of its five days a week or two, the students were ready to be back.

“You know you can’t see their smiles, but you can tell they’re smiling and they’re happy to be back and that’s what school’s about,” Roush said.

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