Scott County staying with in-person learning despite red zone designation

Published: Oct. 30, 2020 at 11:57 AM EDT
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SCOTT CO., Ky. (WKYT) - COVID-19 cases continue to rise across Kentucky, putting the future of in-person learning in doubt for some counties.

The latest data shows 69 counties are in the red and guidance says that should mean an end to in-person learning.

In Scott County, schools have made the decision to stay in school despite a red level of cases.

Superintendent Dr. Kevin Hub says three weeks of in-person learning in Scott County have gone well.

“It could have been last year in October when I was walking through the halls minus students wearing masks,” said Dr. Hub.

Scott County is in the red zone and state guidance suggests in-person learning stop at that point, but Hub says that’s not going to happen right now.

“When we have a positive case we’re finding that we’re not having to quarantine dozens of students because we’re following the guidance from our health department,” Dr. Hub said.

Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Steven Stack said in a phone call with superintendents that he’s concerned people are using the statewide data system and just “picking the data they want.”

Hub tells us schools need the most up to date data and the state system just doesn’t have that.

“If we looked solely at the data from the state, knowing there’s a lag, it could be possible that we have our kids in school during the time when it’s most unsafe, but we’re closing and going virtual at the time when we’re the safest,” Dr. Hub said.

Hub did make one thing clear: schools cannot fight this battle alone.

He says the Scott County Health Department data shows spread is minimal if at all in schools and it’s community members who need to shoulder the burden for high case counts and follow the guidance that’s out there.

“Everybody in Kentucky wants schools to stay in session and, as superintendent, I know 9,000 Scott County community members, when we have them in school, are wearing masks. And people can go to work and our economy can thrive," Dr. Hub said. "But if the spread continues as high as it is in Scott County and across Kentucky, schools are going to be forced to close and that will impact parents and that will impact the community.”

“We need folks in the community to follow the recommendations," Dr. Hub continued. "We’ve got to have people wearing masks. We’ve got to limit our social gatherings. We’ve got to avoid large crowds. We’ve got to wash our hands, and we’ve got to make sure that we social distance.”

Hub says, so far, the highest number of daily cases in school that he’s seen across the district have been just three cases. He says the school district is also being very strict on quarantine measures when they do have a positive case.

Data from the state shows that 17 new cases developed among students and the district quarantined 113 students this week.

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