Lexington restaurants coming up with creative dining changes

Published: Nov. 6, 2020 at 9:31 PM EST
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Our Chris Bailey has talked about a beautiful, warm weekend ahead. Something restaurant owners are grateful for as many are relying on outdoor seating to stay open as the seasons change. One Lexington restaurant has come up with a creative way to keep customers comfortable while dining outside.

It includes hanging lights, heaters, and even a disco ball or two.

“Trying to give people options for wherever their comfort level is. They can either sit outside, they can be under the tent, or they can be inside. We have the plexiglass inside, as well,” J-Render’s co-owner Gwyn Everly said.

Everly says she’s lucky they ordered heaters when they did. Now a hot commodity for restaurant owners, concerned how they’ll keep customers coming even when the temperatures dip.

“Most of the time you want to minimize your space because that translates to dollars with the bigger space you have. So that doesn’t work for you very well. We’re a very small footprint inside,” Everly said.

Blessed with enough space for a tent, Everly says they’re able to create an open-air environment.

“Of course we’re heading into the unknown right now,” Everly said.

One that’s still conducive to keeping people comfortable eating out in a pandemic and in the fall and winter.

“There is that concern that people will just stay home. That’s why we’re trying to give them as many options as possible,” Everly said.

Everly is hopeful we’ll see a mild winter, as many restaurant owners can’t afford to take any more hits this year.

“We want to go out. We want to live our lives. You just have to be smart about it, follow the guidelines, do what they’re asking, and it should be fine,” Everly said.

Seating under the tent is reservation only, so the restaurant isn’t crowded by people waiting for a table.

Everly says tables have been booked quickly already.

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