Scott County Schools sticking with in-person learning despite being in red zone

Published: Nov. 13, 2020 at 10:50 AM EST
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SCOTT CO., Ky. (WKYT) - Guidance from the Kentucky Department of Health and Governor Beshear says if your county is in the red zone do not have in-person learning, switch to virtual.

But that is just guidance, not a requirement.

In Scott County, the school district is standing behind its decision to keep students in classrooms.

It’s been a month since Scott County Schools returned to in-person learning. Superintendent Dr. Kevin Hub says the safety protocols they have in place are working despite the county’s numbers going up.

“You know we all know that this week the commonwealth has reported some of its highest numbers to date, but yet, in Scott County Schools, this week has not been the highest that we’ve had,” Hub said. “To date, we have 59 positive student cases and 22 positive staff cases, so that’s less than three positive cases a day for students and less than one a day for our staff members.”

Hub credits the safety protocols that are in place inside these schools. Masking up, avoiding large gatherings and social distancing when possible.

He says, when it comes to the data, there is a delay in the chain of reporting, but he’s taking the most up-to-date data he can get to make his decision on Thursday nights.

“The data that Scott County Schools reports is 100% correct. That data that WEDCO, our health department, reports is also 100% correct. So is the data that we see from the state,” Hub said. “It’s nobody’s fault, there are multiple systems trying to report. So, everyone needs to understand, there’s no lack of transparency, nobody’s cooking the books, all the numbers are correct. It just takes a while to get them from the schools to the health departments and from the health departments all the way up to the state.”

Ultimately, Hub says the safety of students and staff is his priority and he’s not against the idea of returning to virtual learning if some criteria are met.

“When we see that there’s a transmission of COVID in schools and or if we have insufficient staffing to open our schools safely,” Hub said.

But, until that time, Hub says Scott County will stick with what’s worked.

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