Wingz 2.0 remains open despite food license suspension

Wingz 2.0 London
Wingz 2.0 London(WYMT)
Published: Dec. 2, 2020 at 2:29 PM EST
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Wingz 2.0 a restaurant in London has remained open despite Governor Andy Beshear’s orders.

On Wednesday, customers lined the sidewalk waiting for the restaurant to open.

Dean Gray is one of those customers who waited in line.

“I feel like we should be able to be given at least the common sense in judgment ourselves to be able to decide whether we need to be closing businesses, especially at a local level. So I felt like I just wanted to come and support them in their efforts to try to stay open,” said Gray. " Life is life and if we aren’t real careful I feel like an order in the name of saving so much of our country we are destroying so much of it within a business realm especially small businesses. "

Ashley Perkins another customer at the restaurant says distance is not a problem for some who came to wait in line.

“I think it’s awesome I talked to a guy earlier he said he was from Frankfort and from Nicholasville. I mean it’s awesome the support that they are getting,” said Perkins.

A post on the restaurant’s Facebook page last night stating they would be open providing free meals to any customer that came by.

Clifford Smith, the owner, says he still supports customers wanting to follow social distancing regulations and that it all comes down to a customer’s preference on how they want to get served.

" Everybody here today is getting a free meal and making donations as they see fit to fight this battle together. Our state flag says united we stand divided we fall and we are standing united today,” said Smith. “Some people choose to come to the drive-through they want to maintain that limit on their own safety that’s what we are fighting for that decision to make. It’s not whether they come here or not I applaud them for not coming here if they feel it’s not safe for them. "

We reached out to the Laurel County Health Department. Executive Director Mark Hensley said “the health department has carried out the guidance regarding the executive order.” The Health Department has done everything it can do.

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