Harrison Co. family’s Christmas light display is no match for neighbors

Published: Dec. 2, 2020 at 9:31 PM EST
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CYNTHIANA, Ky. (WKYT) -With the holiday season in full swing, here’s a question?

Just how many outdoor Christmas lights is too many?

We found a family in Harrison County that has no idea the number of lights they now have on display and say the answer is you can never have enough.

The Almeida family is proud of their spectacular display, so are their neighbors, but they aren’t even trying to keep up.

Christopher and Stephanie Almeida live along a normally quiet Harrison Co. road that is busy these days.

The reason, there is something that catches the eye and has drivers slowing down.

“It’s fun for us to watch people get excited over something that we have done,” said Stephanie Almeida.

Christopher and Stephanie Almeida work hard at putting out Christmas decorations, well actually they never really stop.

“It’s just something I’ve always enjoyed doing, I just love watching the kids see it,” said Christopher Almeida.

But what you see in the daylight can’t fully be appreciated until, the switch is flipped at night and you see their house in full display.

“It takes me about 3-4 weeks every year and I’ve been doing this for about seven years and I’ve grown every year,” said Almeida.

What comes to life on Almeida’s four and half acres is magical, if you stand still long enough you might just get covered in Christmas lights.

“We got about 3,750 lights just on the house alone,” said Almeida.

But it certainly doesn’t stop there, with some 40 plus inflatables and even a projector playing Christmas movies on loop.

This family isn’t messing around!

“We look forward to it every year, getting the house decorated. It’s really turned into something amazing,” said Stephanie Almeida.

The light display this family puts out is one Santa surely couldn’t miss from above with his sleigh.

One would wonder what the Almeida’s neighbors must think about their glowing neighbors.

Well, the O’Donnell’s sum it up very simply in their own display that simply reads “ditto” with an arrow pointing to their neighbor’s property.

“Ditto, we agree that’s us. I didn’t want to try and compete with our neighbors because there is no way we could do that,” said Josh and Jennie O’Donnell.

The O’Donnell’s are not grinchy, just realistic.

The two families have been neighbors for years and are amazed by the attraction next door.

“He always worries that he is going to offend us and I’m like no. I look forward to it every year. Like every year he adds something new,” said Jennie O’Donnell.

In fact, the O’Donnell’s learned just how much hard work goes into this crazy Christmas stuff.

It took them several days and 1200 holes later just to put out their clever sign.

“I thought, oh this is going to be easy no problem, we can whip this out in a day. Nope, not so much,” said Jennie O’Donnell.

Next door the O’Donnell’s creativity doesn’t go unnoticed.

“I think the sign was just perfect,” said Stephanie Almeida.

From Frosty to the Grinch, even Santa in a helicopter there is a lot to see at the Almeida house.

The glow is like a beacon pulling you in, trouble is you might need to make several passes to see it all.

One man’s gift, albeit a bright one to his community.

“I told them I wanted to fill this whole valley up and I’m getting there, slowly,” said Almeida.

If you would like to see the Almeida and O’Donnell’s display, it is located about four miles past Harrison Memorial Hospital, turn right onto Ky Hwy 1771, also known as Monson Road.

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