‘It was awesome’: Local boy’s Christmas wish comes true as brother returns home from the Army

Pikeville military homecoming
Pikeville military homecoming(WYMT)
Published: Dec. 17, 2020 at 11:09 PM EST
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PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - Each year, Appalachian Community Care holds a Christmas party for its employees and their children.

This year, the event was held drive-thru style and a special surprise was planned.

One of the employee’s son Joshua’s only Christmas wish was for his brother Bobby to come home.

“It’s been very hard for Joshua because he’s cried I can’t tell you how many times for his brother,” said Joshua’s mom, Hope Jenton.

Bobby is in the Army and is stationed at Fort Hood in Texas. Joshua had not seen his brother in nine months and with the coronavirus pandemic, Bobby was not sure he would be able to come home for Christmas.

“I’m a family man I like to spend time with my family so little nervous and scared that I wouldn’t get to see them for the holidays again but luckily enough I was able to,” said Bobby.

Thursday, Joshua’s wish came true. During the drive-thru Christmas event, Santa Claus brought out Joshua causing an emotional moment.

“Nervous jitters and you know like that cause I haven’t seen him in so long and finally was really happy when I got pulled outside to go see him,” said Bobby.

“When I saw him come out and then my other son crying for him I just started crying just started bawling,” said Jenton.

The brothers are excited to be united and spend the next two and a half weeks playing video games and playing catch.

“I was glad to see him and it was awesome,” said Joshua.

“After not seeing someone for so long you care about you eventually, you appreciate what you have more once you get to see them again for the first time,” said Bobby. “The reward of when you finally get to see them makes it all better.”

In October, Bobby was told he would be able to go home, but Jenton wanted to keep it a secret just in case he was not able to travel.

“So many times I almost slipped up and of course every time he would mention that I would cry because I’m like I want to tell him but I can’t cause I wanted it to be a big big surprise. It was very hard. Very hard to keep,” said Jenton.

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