Some Lexington COVID-19 patients being treated with Regeneron

Published: Dec. 24, 2020 at 5:12 PM EST
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - One of the treatments given to President Donald Trump after tested positive for coronavirus was an antibody cocktail manufactured by Regeneron.

It’s meant to give a patient’s immune system a head start when it comes to stopping the virus from spreading.

“It drops in a bunch of paratroopers of the immune system and they start going at it. Because you start fighting things and getting things fired up,” Dr. Ryan Stanton said.

At the time, the FDA gave emergency authorization for its use on the president. Since then, they’ve approved it nationwide.

Patients in Lexington are able to get that antibody cocktail as well as a similar one produced by Eli Lilly.

Dr. Stanton says only a small amount of patients will fit the criteria.

“As with anything with COVID, there are limited supplies that we’ve been using them for a couple of weeks. High-risk patients of course so just young folks with mild COVID or nor risk factors, they’re not gonna qualify,” Dr. Stanton said.

With a virus so new, they aren’t even sure how effective the treatment is, but he says they’re willing to explore all options as they work to save lives.

Really the only thing so far that has been demonstrated to show significant either prevention or benefit is the vaccine. All the rest of these medications may decrease some, but still not a cure and not actually even significant overall benefit,” Dr. Stanton said.

Those antibodies are given as an infusion in an outpatient procedure. The hope is it will keep them from ending up in the hospital.

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