Madison County seeing post-holiday surge in COVID-19 cases

Published: Jan. 13, 2021 at 12:00 PM EST
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MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - We’re continuing to see spikes in COVID-19 cases as data from after the holidays comes in.

In Madison County, health officials say they nearly topped their record in daily reported cases on Monday. Following weeks where the health department in Madison County described their COVID situation as a plateau, new cases shot up sharply in the numbers for Tuesday.

“On Monday, we did receive a report of several cases over the weekend, but that was to be expected, and then on Tuesday we received Monday’s numbers which were 150 new cases,” Kelley McBride, Madison County Health Department.

But one spike does not a trend make.

“Today, Wednesday, the report for Tuesday was 61 new cases,” Kelley McBride, Madison County Health Department. “So, we’re really going to have to take a look at the 7-day average to take into account those peaks and valleys.”

McBride says the high number could be the remnants of the holiday surge, plus a backlog in tests from over the weekend. But, the number is still troubling, which is why health officials are stressing the importance of adhering to the guidelines.

“It’s hard. It’s difficult to keep following those public health guidelines and public health measures of handwashing, wearing a mask, social distancing, and avoiding large crowds, but that is so important to keep doing that,” McBride said.

Even as the county continues to vaccinate, officials say almost all the people in Phase 1A and first responders who asked for a shot have gotten their first dose, and vaccinations continue to expand.

McBride said people in the community can start signing up on a waiting list at the health department for a vaccine. The list lets health officials see who wants a shot, so they can better categorize who falls in each phase and know how many vaccines they’re going to need.

“The arrival of vaccine is the next step. We’re not finished with the marathon yet, but it’s the next step,” McBride said. “We all have to continue with those public health measures that were recommended from the very beginning. We can’t give up now.”

Signing up for the waitlist does not mean you’ll get your vaccine before your phase and health officials say if you are given the opportunity to get the vaccine before your time at the health department to go ahead and get that shot.

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