Morehead mobile home park tenants worry about being displaced

Published: Jan. 22, 2021 at 10:59 PM EST
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ROWAN CO., Ky. (WKYT) - People living in North Fork Mobile Home Park are worried they could be homeless within months.

The possible sale of the property has been brought up in city council meetings. People living in the park said they’ve heard next to nothing about the plans.

Samantha Massey and her growing family have lived in the community for several years.

“This is a place where we feel safe,” she said.

Her friend and former neighbor, Ashley Skaggs started investigating when she heard rumors about a possible sale.

“They have since coined it ‘The Morehead Area Gateway Development Project,’ she said. “In September, the developer came and had this presentation, and in the presentation, called this place, this mobile home park, a ‘blight’.”

City and county leaders have discussed the land being used for commercial development.

According to communication from the Rowan County judge executive and Morehead mayor, any possible sale would be private.

“Nothing [came] from the property manager, nothing [came] from the property owner, literally I found out through Facebook,” Massey said.

Some people living there said they’ve seen people come out to take samples of the land, leading them to believe the plan is more set in stone than expected.

“My husband works in construction and he has already heard that there are bids on the concrete,” Massey said.

In a letter sent to a resident, Judge Executive Harry Clark said the property owner would give $1,000 to each tenant to help with moving expenses through March 31.

“It’s nice that the $1,000 was offered, but it’s kind of pointless to somebody who can’t move their trailers, or pointless to somebody who rents off of somebody else,” Skaggs said.

Mayor Laura White-Brown wrote in an email to a tenant that the city was working on a list of available properties to give out.

Skaggs said, after driving for hours around the area, calling countless mobile home parks, she found there are few vacancies, and rent and application fees are costly.

She started a Go Fund Me page to help pay for the individuals’ moving expenses.

“Just because it’s a mobile home park doesn’t mean that these aren’t real people,” she said.

Mayor White-Brown also wrote in the email that the city cannot make any decision regarding the sale of the property. She emphasized that discussions on the property were held in meetings open to the public.

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