Daughter loses her mom to COVID-19, remembers her life in Frankfort flag ceremony

Published: Jan. 23, 2021 at 9:35 PM EST
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - 13 years ago, Lisa Scott lost her dad, described as a brave Korean War veteran. But of the 3,000 American Flags on the lawn of the Capitol, one represents the life and fearlessness of her mom this time.

“And he would be so proud that my mom was so brave, as so many have been, in dying alone,” said Scott.

A Frankfort native, Scott’s mom spent her life working at Franklin County High School.

“That was her love, that was her calling.”

Scott’s mom was in a nursing home when the pandemic hit. She tested positive for COVID-19 at the end of June, and died nine days later.

“I know she understood somewhat what was happening, but it’s very difficult, as with many families, to watch a parent die alone. "

Governor Andy Beshear dedicated a flag to each person who has died from the virus. One now standing for Scott’s mom.

The flags serving as a reminder to Scott and others just how special time with family is, even something as simple as sharing a meal together.

“I’m just so blessed to have spent a few days in early March with my mom and sharing a meal with my mom. We never know when that last meal is going to be.”

Scott hoping the flags show people the seriousness of the virus. The weight of losing a loved one, and not even getting to say goodbye.

“Doing the right thing, like he has said every day, it matters. It’s going to make a difference and we’re going to get through this. But we’re not going to get through this if we’re not together.”

The Governor’s Office will continue to place flags on the lawn of the Capitol to represent every life lost to COVID-19.

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