Nonprofit Hope Hill aims to help children with mental health struggles through an ‘in-home intensive’ program

Published: Jan. 29, 2021 at 2:52 PM EST
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MT. STERLING, Ky. (WKYT) - It’s no secret the ongoing pandemic has been a mentally taxing time for many of us, and that doesn’t exclude our children.

Experts say depression, suicidal thoughts, or behavioral issues have been more prevalent among our youth. Hope Hill, a local nonprofit, now has a new intensive in-home program that’s trying to help.

Hope Hill CEO Chris Peck says he’s seeing more kids at risk during the pandemic, but that’s not all. He says sometimes these kids can be harder to identify as they’re staying home instead of going to school or to their quote-on-quote normal activities.

Just prior to the pandemic, Hope Hill launched its intensive in-home program. Peck says it’s for kids ages 5 -18. Professionals will go to the children’s homes for treatment, which can include mental health support or substance abuse treatment.

Peck explains the nonprofit aims to keep children from ending up in state custody, as he says staying home is best for any child with families that are willing to do the work it takes for their kids to reach success.

He shares during the pandemic, more families are contacting the organization reporting their children feel isolated, anxious, or depressed.

“Socially we all need to be around individuals, especially when it’s a teenager or middle school kids that find their identity with sports teams, or with their friends, or maybe being a part of the band, whatever it may be,” Peck says. “Those types of activities have been taken away from them so they’re left kind of just to manage life without things that bring happiness and joy.”

If you’re worried about your kids, Peck says there are some things you can do. One of them is just to listen and understand. The other is to get in touch with a professional who can help your kids work through and understand their feelings.

To learn more about Hope Hill, or to make a referral, you can visit

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