VACCINE TEAM | Q&A on canceled appointments, Phase 1C

Published: Feb. 10, 2021 at 4:07 PM EST
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - As we continue to watch vaccines roll out across Kentucky, we are here to answer your questions on the vaccine, how to get one, and much more.

If your appointment was canceled at Alltech due to weather, how are we to reschedule?

Ahead of winter weather, appointments at the Kroger regional vaccinations sites for Wednesday and Thursday were canceled.

The location at the Kentucky Horse Park Alltech Arena is one of these sites.

Kroger Health will reschedule all vaccination appointments for the following week on the same day and at the same time as your original appointment.

You will receive an additional email confirmation of your new appointment and a reminder email the day before the appointment.

I’m 22 years old and in Phase 1C. I scheduled an appointment at the Kentucky Horse Park. Will I be able to get vaccinated because I haven’t received a confirmation email about my appointment?

We’ve received the same questions from several other people, so we checked with the team at Kroger.

They asked us to pass along these tips:

  • Check your junk email to make sure your email filters didn’t block it from your inbox.
  • You should receive a follow-up confirmation email 24-hours prior to your scheduled appointment, so keep an eye out for it.
  • As an extra safeguard when scheduling a new appointment, take a screenshot or picture of the confirmation that pops up when complete the registration process.

If you saw the confirmation and arrive at your scheduled appointment time, you should be able to be vaccinated even if you don’t have it printed.

What occupations are considered essential workers in Phase 1C?

Here’s the list the state is using based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control.

Frontline Essential Workers

  • Healthcare Personnel
  • First Responders (Firefighters, Police)
  • Corrections
  • Education (teachers, support staff, daycare)
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • U.S. Postal service workers
  • Public transit workers
  • Grocery store workers

Other Essential Workers

  • Transportation and logistics
  • Food Service Shelter & Housing (construction)
  • Finance
  • IT & Communication
  • Energy
  • Media
  • Legal
  • Public Safety (Engineers)
  • Water & Wastewater

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