‘It’s a glimmer of hope’: Addiction Recovery Care partners with KET to offer GED preparation courses

About 20% of ARC’s clients do not have a high school education
Published: Feb. 26, 2021 at 4:14 PM EST
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LOUISA, Ky. (WYMT) - Addiction Recover Care is partnering with KET to give their clients a better opportunity for a career after their treatment.

“We’re known as the people who will help you go from crisis to career,” said ARC Senior Vice President of Administration, Matt Brown. “There’s nothing that inspires recovery and treatment motivation like a hope for a career and to walk in your purpose and your destiny.”

ARC is using KET’s FastForward GED program. It is an online learning system that will prepare clients for the GED test. The materials include test questions, a study plan and interactive video lessons. It is proven to be 90% effective. The clients can access the materials online anytime.

“This allows the GED program to come to us and with COVID that has been one of the challenges we have faced is there’s been less travel outside of the center and this is an online way that our people can prepare for the GED,” said Brown.

More than 300 of ARC’s clients do not have a high school education or a GED.

“This number is a reality check for all of us who are fighting against addiction,” said Brown. “That is a big barrier for someone when they are trying to take that next step in life.”

Brown says it has been about 20 years since the big oxytocin surge that destroyed many communities in Eastern Kentucky. Now, ARC is treating a lot of the children of the people in that surge.

“Broken homes, lack of economic opportunity, drug addiction and trauma create a scenario where education gets put on the back burner because people are literally just trying to survive,” said Brown.

One of ARC’s clients, James Avery is helping tutor fellow recovering addicts for the GED test.

“Six months ago, I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to die a heroin addict and now thanks to ARC, I’m being given the opportunity to make something of myself and do something with the education that I have,” said Avery.

He has seen the course give clients confidence that they have the tools to stay sober.

“Make them understand let them understand that they’re worth something and they can overcome this. They’re excited about it,” said Avery.

John Wilson, the Community CEO at Crown Recover Center says the GED is just the start for many of the clients, as they go on to take college classes.

“People come here and they’re sick and they’re needing help and they’re not only getting help on their addiction but they’re getting help on the other issues that probably led them to addiction to begin with,” said Wilson.

ARC does have other partnerships for adult education, but this collaboration with KET will especially help their remote centers where they do not have the access to go somewhere for education opportunities.

To learn more about FastForward GED preparation, click here.

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